Harini Chandrasekar

Harini Chandrasekar

Look: She’s the kind of person who can rock short hair, chunky jewelry and look gracefully Indian whichever part of the world she goes to

Personality: Will always make the more responsible choices, but has a secret wild side when nobody is looking

Distinguishing Features: It’s very difficult to talk about just one distinguishing feature about this overachieving prepossessing being. She has studied design in NID (Ahmedabad), Konstfack University of Arts, Crafts and Design (Stockholm) and presently at Emerson College (Boston). What is badassical about all this is that out of these three places, she has also been a part of the teaching staff for two of them. She has had work experience such as being a Trend Consultant at Quattroporte Agency in Sweden and…no let me interest you further with some visuals instead. This slammin’ Thanksgiving doodle is by her:

Harini C

Vice: Coffee. She would rather drink Filter Kaphi over Chai Tea Latte though. A Cappuccino comes a close second

Fabulous thing Numero Uno: She is a gifted artist and thinker. There is no way in hell you won’t love this interactive mural she designed for a kid’s room. Off the heezie for sheezie!

Secondly, She runs a blog which is a refreshing take on design and life and has reminded me how I should Eat-Pray-Love my life around and spend it living in Khaki pyjamas doing Yoga and surrounded by postcard installations and murals in my house by the beach. If you need some inspiration, here it is for you to absorb.

Thirdly, she met Will Ferrell and asked for a photograph. He politely obliged by taking 15 pictures of her and the friend she was with. Yeah that’s how her life rolls.

Harini C & Will Ferrell

Verdict: She had me at “currently illustrating a book…”


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